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Trademark Registration in Ethiopia

Trademark Registration in Ethiopia

According to Ethiopian Trade Mark Protection Proclamation no. 501/2006 Trademark can be defined as any visible sign capable of distinguishing goods or services of one person from those of other persons, it includes words designs, letters, numerals, colors or the shape of goods or their packaging or the combination of thereof.

Since Trademarks are directly associated with the images of a company they constitute one of most important assets of any business.

Registration of Trademark in Ethiopia

1. Requirements of Eligibility

Any trademark that is capable of clearly distinguishing goods or services of a person from those of other persons shall be eligible for registration. A trademark may be registered in black and white or color. A trademark, which is registered in black and white, shall be protected in al color combination, a trademark, which is registered in color, shall only be protected in the color combination in which it is registered.

2. In admissible trademarks under Ethiopian law

The following trademarks may not be admissible for registration,

1. A trademark which consists of sound or smell;

2. A trademark which is incapable of distinguishing the goods or services of one person from those of other person,

3. A trademark that is contrary to public order/morality,

4. A trademark consisting exclusively of sings or indications which designated the kind quality quantity intended purpose, value, geographical origin of goods or services the time of production of the goods or rendering of the services, or other characteristics of the goods or services,

5. A trademark that consists exclusively the surname of the applicant,

6. A trademark that consists exclusively the full name of an alike individual without his consent,

7. Unless authorized by a competent authority, a trademark which is identical with or an imitation of or contains an armorial bearing flag or the emblem, a name or abbreviation or initials of the name of or official sign or hall mark adopted by any state, intergovernmental organization, or other organization created by international conventions,

8. A trademark that is likely to mislead the public or the business community in particular as regards the geographical origin of the goods or services concerned, or therein nature or characteristics,

9. A trademark consisting exclusively of a shape which results from the nature of the good itself or that is necessary to obtain technical result of the good or that gives substantial value to the good

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