According to Ethiopian family law Adoption can be described as an agreement that may be created between a person and a child or between government or private orphanages and the adopted child. This idea can be found at Article 180 and 192 of The Ethiopian Family Code stated respectively. As per the Ethiopian law of adoption the adopter is required to fulfill various requirements. These requirements vary from Ethiopian Adopters and foreigner Adopters. One of such requirements is the age of the adopter and the adoptee. According to the Ethiopian Family Law the adopter must attain the age of 25 years to adopt a child.

If the adopters are spouses, one of them is required to attain the age of 25 years. As to the age of the adoptee, any child whose age is less than 18 years and under guardianship may be adopted. If a private/government orphanage is taking care of the adoption process or handing over the child to the adopters, such orphanage is required to have sufficient information about the child, his/her identity, how they received him/her and the personal, social economical status of the adopter to the government authority to follow up the well being of children. According to the Ethiopian family law, the other basic requirement for an adoption agreement to be legally acceptable is the decision of the court validating the agreement. According to Article 194(1) of the Ethiopian Family Code, unless the Ethiopian Federal First Instance courts approve the adoption agreement, the adoption agreement will not have any legal effect.