A new draft anticorruption law is being prepared in Ethiopia. Accordingly the Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission of Ethiopia (FEACC) tabled draft anti-corruption law. This new draft law prepared by the Federal Anti Corruption Commission extends the liability of the private sectors and civil society organizations.

What is new about this draft law is its jurisdiction of applicability. Unlike the previous anticorruption law, this draft bill is expected to extend the Federal Anti Corruption Commission’s jurisdiction to share companies, cooperatives, mass associations and development agencies operating in the country.

However the commission refrained from engaging in religious institutions and political parties. The commission, while addressing these issues stated that “the reason why it was not found necessary to include these sectors is that the principle and nature of these institutions are founded on the basis of their faith and hence the donors will not usually have a concern about the money donated”

With regards to the issue of political parties, the commission stated “Since political parties income and expenditure is decided by senior political cadres and officials it’s difficult to get evidence and witnesses”.

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