Do you have trademarks registered in Ethiopia before 2006? It is high time to reregister them as per the new trademark regulation because a new regulation has been recently enacted obligating trademarks that have registered in Ethiopia before 2006 to reregister again. The regulation has set a time frame of 18 months to register for trademarks that have registered prior to 2006.

So we caution you to reregister all your trademarks in Ethiopia, irrespective of the fact their due date is less than one year away. This is because, according to the new law, owners of Trademarks that are already registered in Ethiopia will be required to file new applications within 18 months time of the publication date of the law, which is by no means is no later than June 24, 2014.

You should also note that these trademarks will be reregistered just like a new application. Just because a trademark has been registered previously doesn’t mean it will automatically register and acquire protection in Ethiopia. It will have to go the process of re registration within the projected time frame in order for it to continue getting protection here in Ethiopia.

As mentioned above these new applications will not be registered automatically but will be subject to examination on absolute and relative grounds. This means they will have to go through all the registration process and are subject to all the fees applicable on new trademark application; not renewal fee.  

An application to renew a trademark should be made within such appropriate time. If not the trademark shall be deemed to be relinquished.

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