How long does a trademark registered in Ethiopia last? Is it subject to renewal? Here are your answers.

A trademark is valid for seven years starting from the day it is officially registered. Renewal can be undertaken after this expiry period. The owner may do so by putting in with the office a written application with the necessary payment. Renewal may be demanded only of the goods the trademark represented before the expiry although the list of objects can be reduced. An application for renewal must be filed with the office within three months from the date of expiry or within six months following the three months, although a penalty has to be paid during this time. A trademark not renewed within this time shall be considered to have been cancelled or waived and shall be removed from the register of trademarks. Such cancellation grants the right to anybody including the former owner to apply for registration of it. But where the application has fulfilled regulations as to form and time, the office shall renew the registration and make known such fact through the public media and at the cost of the applicant.

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