Below you will find a brief summary on Ethiopian Labour proclamation and employing workers in Ethiopia.

  1. In Ethiopia fixed–term contracts are prohibited for permanent tasks.
  2. There is no limit as to the maximum duration of fixed –term contracts (including renewals).
  3. To respond to a seasonal increase in production the work week load extended to 50 hours (including overtime) for 2 months per year.
  4. The Maximum number of working days per week is six days. There is no restriction on night work. But there are restrictions on “weekly holiday’ work.
  5. Termination of workers due to redundancy is legally authorized.
  6. The employer is not expected to notify a third party before terminating one redundant worker, and do not need the approval of a third party.
  7. But when the employer terminates a group of 25 redundant workers, it must notify a third party.
  8. There is a retraining or reassignment obligation before an employer can make a worker redundant.
  9. There are priority rules applying to reduce. There are no priority rules applying to re-employment.

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