Well it seems the Federal Courts in Ethiopia are making considerable improvement in the reformation of the judicial sector. According to the press releases we found from the local newspapers in Ethiopia, the Federal court will open new branches in every sub cities of Addis Ababa.

According to Ato Tegene Getaneh, the president of the Federal Supreme Court, the necessary preconditions to open federal first instance courts in every sub cities and three other federal high courts in different parts of Addis Ababa is completed. The president said this will facilitate the growing investment in Ethiopia by modernizing and capacitating the justice system towards its need.

The president mentioned due to the limited number of courts in Addis it has been relatively difficult to suit the need in this area. So to cope up with the growing number of cases coming to court, opening new branches in every sub cities of Addis Ababa will be a proper and timely progress.

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