The following legal protection and guarantees are available under the Ethiopian legal system, to protect interests of an investor investing its assets on Ethiopia.

  1. The constitution of Ethiopia and the investment proclamation recognizes and protects private property of investors,
  2. Foreign investors can repatriate their profit, dividends, interest on external loans, etc.
  3. Ethiopia is a member of the Multilateral investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), a world Bank affiliate, which issues guarantee against non-commercial risks in signatory countries;
  4. Ethiopia is a member of the world Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO),
  5. Ethiopia signed the world Bank treaty, “The International Convention On Settlement Of Investment Disputes Between States And Nationals Of Other States (ICSID)”
  6. Ethiopia has also concluded bilateral investment promotion and protection agreements with many African, Asian, and European Countries like Algeria, Austria, Belgium Luxemburg, China, Denmark, Egypt, Final and, France, Germany, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, and Yemen.
  7. In addition, the country has signed double taxation avoidance treaties with various countries including Italy, Kuwait, Romania, Russia, Tunisia, and Yemen

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