If you are a trademark holder in Ethiopia, here is a brief enumeration of the rights and obligations you have been entrusted with. As an owner of a trade mark you, the owner of a trademark shall have the exclusive right to use the trademark. You may allow other parties to use the trademark but only for goods and or services for which it has been registered. You can stop others from using a trademark that is identical, confusingly similar or misleading regarding the goods protected by your trademark or one that can otherwise be prejudicial to your interests. You also retain the right to transfer your right through assignment and or licensing. The exclusive ownership of one’s trademark, however, will not prevent third parties from using the trademark in the sale and purchase of the good it protects nor will it bar them from using, in good faith, their names, addresses, pseudonyms, geographical name, factors regarding their goods and services if by coincidence they are similar to such trademark.

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