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Starting New Business in Ethiopia

Do you want to start a new business in Ethiopia? Here is the basic information you should know. 1st Checking the Company’s Name. The company’s name must be checked for…

Employing Workers in Ethiopia

Below you will find a brief summary on Ethiopian Labour proclamation and employing workers in Ethiopia. In Ethiopia fixed–term contracts are prohibited for permanent tasks. There is no limit as…

ስለውርስ አጣሪ አሻሻምና ስራ

  ሀ/ የውርስ አጣሪ መሆን የሚችለው   ያለኑዛዜ ወራሽ የሆነ ሰው ይህም ልጅ፣ ልጅ ከሌላ ወላጅ፣ወንድም እህት …፣ በኑዛዜ ጠቅላላው የሟች ንብረት እንዲወርስ ኑዛዜ የተደረገለት ሰው፣ አካለመጠን ያልደረሱ ወይም በህግ…
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