Extra Contractual Liability

Extra Contractual Liability/ Tort Liability can arise at the time they are least expected. Thus if you need an Extra Contractual Liability/ Tort Liability law firm in Ethiopia our law office is ready and available to provide you its legal services. Our Tort practice is one of our major areas of successes and our Extra Contractual Liability attorneys have excellent reputation for that. Fikadu Asfaw and Associates Law Office provide outstanding legal services in the area of Extra Contractual Matters or Tort Cases and we have considerable experience in providing strategic legal advice and representation to individual clients as well as Companies in the areas of Extra Contractual Liabilities. Our Law Office has a team of lawyers that has been working on the area of Extra Contractual Matters or Tort Cases, especially on product liability cases.

Accordingly we provide legal advice and representations on such Litigation and Arbitration regularly. Accordingly our Litigation and Alternative Dispute Settlement Team handles our client’s tort disputes in an effective and efficient way.

Our works of Legal Advice and/or Representation include:

  • Torts Against The Person (Assault, Battery, False Imprisonment, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, and Fraud) Physical Assault; Trespass; Assault on Property; Invasion of Privacy;
  • Property Torts (Trespass to Land, Trespass to Chattels (Personal Property) and Conversion), Economic Torts; Product Liability; Professional Liability;
  • False Statement; Defamation ( Including Character, Moral, Ability, Business Practices or Financial Status)
  • Misrepresentation, Unfair Use, Unfair Competition, Unlawful Competition, Consumer rights; Advertising Law;
  • Vicarious Liability or Liability for others (Including Employees And Agents);
  • Traffic Accidents; Insurance Claims and Insurance Cover;
  • Negligence (Comparative or Contributory Negligence), Duty of Care, Dereliction or Breach of Duty, Direct Cause, Damage, Proximate Cause,
  • Nuisance, Defamation (Slander And Libel), Business Torts, Economic Tort and Misrepresentation, Tortious Interference
  • Joint And Several Liability, Secondary Liability, Enterprise Liability, Market Share Liability, Vicarious Liability
  • Commercial Litigation Commercial Litigation: Breach Of Contract Cases, Partnership/Joint Venture Disputes, Class Actions, Business Torts, Breach of Fiduciary Duty Allegations and Shareholder Issues;
  • Food, Drug and Cosmetic Laws; Laws and regulations governing the Research, Development, Manufacturing, Promotion, Sale, and Distribution of Foods, Drugs (Prescription and nonprescription drugs), Medical Devices, Cosmetics, and Animal Drugs; Public Health Laws, Packaging and Labeling Laws, the Controlled Substances Laws,
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • Equipment Finance Law
  • Entertainment Law

If you would like to get legal support on the legal area of Mining, Minerals, Natural Resources and Energy please contact us or email us.

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