Intellectual Property

If you need an Intellectual Property Law firm in Ethiopia Our Intellectual Property Attorneys in Addis Ababa will provide you legal advice and representation on all aspects of Acquisition, Exploitation, Use, Enforcement and Transfer of Intellectual Property rights as per the relevant Intellectual Property (IP) Laws of Ethiopia.

Since Our Law Office work with variety of Industries including Agriculture, Agro-Processing, Manufacturing, Textiles and Clothing, Food and Beverage Products, Tannery and Leather Goods, Glass and Ceramic, Chemicals and Chemical Products, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Paper and Paper Products, Plastic Products, Building Materials, Tourism, Mining, Hydropower, Energy, Infrastructure, Transportation, Financial Services, Commodities, Telecom, Aviation, Health Services, Educational Services, ICT to Construction Services, our lawyers are able to understand the needs of our clients and provide a tailor-made, cost-effective Intellectual Property Protection services. We are also experienced in providing commercial legal advice and representation in relation to Corporate Finance Services, Dispute Resolution, and Enforcement of Intellectual Property rights (including Trademarks, Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Designs and Copyright).

Accordingly our IP lawyers provide legal advice and representation services in relation to the Acquisition of such Rights, their Licensing, Use, Exploitation, Enforcement and Transfer through Joint Ventures, Supply and Distribution Agreements, Mergers and Acquisitions, as well as Competition Law and Dispute Resolution under the relevant government organs like Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office and The Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Authority…etc. We also advise clients on legal issues connected with introducing products to the Ethiopian market such as Branding, Product Information Leaflets and Advertising.

Further Our Law Office handles the protection and enforcement of existing rights against property right infringers through Preliminary Injunctions and Litigation; Defense against Allegations by third parties of property right infringements; Conducting Confiscation proceedings in cases of product and trademark piracy; Negotiating and Drafting license agreements. Our Law Office’s Patent and Trademark Attorneys in Addis Ababa has also developed a long time experience in providing full fledged advisory and representation in relation to patent and trademark prosecution and, with the assistance of our vast network of associates, we are poised to ensure the protection of Trademarks, Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Designs and Copyright even on a wider coverage.

Our works of Legal Advice and/or Representation include;

  • Acquisition, Registration, Licensing, Assignment, Franchising, Exploitation, Use, Protection, Transfer and Enforcement of Trademarks, Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Designs and Copyright; Exploitation and Use of such rights through Joint Ventures, Supply and Distribution Agreements, Mergers and Acquisitions….etc; Their protection through Competition Law, Litigation and other Dispute Resolution Mechanisms;
  • Registration, Invalidation, Opposition, Renewal, Extension, Merging, Splitting of Trademark Applications and Rights;
  • Domain Name Registration and handling Domain Name Disputes; Protection of Business Names, Company Names and Close Corporation Names
  • Consumer rights; Advertising, Publications
  • Intellectual Property Infringement; Trademark piracy and Trademark Infringement; Preliminary Injunction, Attachment/Seizure/Confiscation of Counterfeit Products and Services;
  • Enforcement of Intellectual Property rights and Fighting Counterfeiting, Misrepresentation, Unfair Use, Unfair Competition, Unlawful Competition, Passing Off And Unfair Competition;
  • Handling Intellectual Property Negotiation, Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR), Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation, Civil/Criminal Court proceeding
  • Franchise Law; Franchisors and Franchisees; Structure and Compliance; Capital Raising and Financing; Brand Positioning and Protection; Disclosure; Franchisor/Franchisee Relationships; Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution; and International Franchising;
  • Distribution and Distributorship Agreements, Mergers And Acquisition, Competition and Unfair Competition;
  • Searches and Due Diligence

If you would like to get legal support on the legal area of Intellectual Property please contact us or email us.

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