Penalty for Failure to Renew Work Permit in Ethiopia

If you wonder what will be the penalty for failure to renew a work permit in Ethiopia, here is the detailed information. Failure to renew work permit is punishable with fines and imprisonment under Ethiopian Law. The Federal Negaret Gazeta Proc. No. 354/2003, in its Article 20, stated the following penalties.


1. Unless higher penalties are provided for in the penal code:

  1. any person who enters or leaves Ethiopian in violation of the   provisions of Articles 3 or 6 of this proclamation or who is an accomplice is punishable with imprisonment not exceeding three   years or affine not exceeding ten thousand birr or both;
  2. without prejudice to the provisions of Article 14 of this proclamation, a foreigner who lives in Ethiopia without having a valid residence permit or any person who assists such foreigner to stay or live in Ethiopian knowing that the foreigner is required to have a residence permit is punishable with imprisonment not exceeding three years or a fine not exceeding ten thousand birr or both.
  3. A person who is found guilty of other offences by violating the provisions of this proclamation and Regulations issued hereunder is punishable with imprisonment not exceeding one year or affine not exceeding five thousand birr or both.

2. If the person found guilty of committing the offence provided for in Sub- Articles (1) (a) (b) or(c) of this Article and is a legal person, the Maximum  punishment of fine shall be raised by four times.

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