Probation Period under the Ethiopian Labour Proclamation

Do you want to employ a new employee under probation? Are you new employee under period of probation period? Here is a relevant note on probation under Ethiopian law.

A probation period according to the labour law of Ethiopia is a period allocated for the purpose of testing a person’s suitability to a post in which he/she is expected to be assigned.

Probation period shall be made in writing when the parties agree to have a probation period.  This period should not in any case exceed forty five consecutive days.

As regards to rights and obligations a worker who is in a probation period shall have the same right and obligations that a worker who has completed probation period. But, we have to note that the above statement is applicable only if the law or work rules or collective agreement does not provide otherwise.

The Ethiopian labour law gives freedom for an employer to terminate a contract of employment without notice and without being obliged to pay severance pay or compensation if a worker proves to be unfit for the job during his/her probation period. The worker as well can terminate his contract of employment without notice.

The law assumes a contract of employment for the intended period or type of work is concluded from the beginning of probation period if a worker continues to work after the expiry of the probation period.

However, we have to note that a worker re-employed by the same employer for the same job must not be subjected to probation.

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