Tax In Ethiopia

In Ethiopia a company, based on its activities may be required to pat the following taxes. The principal taxes currently in place are Company Profit Tax, Turn Over Tax/Value-Added Tax (VAT), Excise Tax, Customs Duty, Income Tax from Employment and income tax from business. Here is the summary.

Principal Taxes

Tax rate

Corporate income tax


Turnover Tax (TOT)

2% and 10%

Excise tax

10% up to 100%

Customs duties

0% up to 35%

Income tax from Employment

0% up to 35%

Export tax


With holding taxes

2 %

Value added tax


Tax treaties

Ethiopia has concluded tax treaties with a number of countries and is also ready to conclude similar treaties with other countries for the purpose of a voidance of double taxation.

Patents and Trademarks

Regulations for the registration of patents and trademarks exist in Ethiopia.

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